Islander Princess Aya Comes to the Main Land

I have a friend name Aya Mullen. She is a beautiful mother to 2 beautiful kids. Married to a man that adores her and a wonderful father. Aya and I first met when she use to work at Kobe back in the days. She had to fly back home to Hawaii when she got pregnant with her first child, a gorgeous baby girl named Olivia. Aya, is a great friend and fun to be around. I enjoy freaking her out and making her uncomfortable — sometimes. She’s smart, funny, loving, adorable, insightful, thoughtful, and super skinny (I hate her). Sorry had to throw it out there. Jealous moment. Hey, its what makes us friends when I can joke with her. Olivia has to be about 4 now. She has another child, Kody. Super adorable baby boy. I believe he’ll be 1 soon. Anyways, Aya had contacted me last Wednesday (22 April 2015) while I was at Anna’s for Ann’s birthday bash. I had answered the phone because everyone was doing their own thing and I was just kind of there. Oppa was talking to C-Cat and R-mat. Ann, Anna, and Leah were playing Catan. (Some weird board game I can never seem to get) So I spoke to Aya for a while and told her what was going on and how I’m with C-Cat and Oppa. She told me that she was coming to visit the main land next Tuesday. So thus she flew in yesterday (28 April 2015) in the morning. Apparently, C-Cat text me this pasted Monday (27 April 2015) to ask where I got the cupcakes from. Now I’m just throwing it out there but I think she was planning to get the “sweets” for her “sweet best-friend”. Ha ha ha. Aya had called on Monday saying how C-Cat kind of sort-of-freaked-her-out. As soon as she answered the phone how she was kind of super too excited and telling her that she (Aya) was her best-friend and how she can’t wait to see her. Blah Blah Blah. Yeah, freak the girl out. So I finally text Aya back this morning to let her know when I was available to hang out. Since I only have Thursday after class available it’s the only time I have free. Thursday nights after Ann’s shift at Kobe we have wine and watch Grey’s Anatomy. Which might actually be the end of that soon since some one decided to be a dick and kill-off one of the main characters. Thanks, Sandra Rhimes. I’m so done with you. Anyways, back on topic. Friday nights are Oppa’s night now since now we both don’t have work until the evening. Me at 4 and him at 5. Now that he’s working in Huntington Beach, he works Mon – Wed, Fri – Sat in HB and Thurs in Orange and have Sundays off since the place in HB doesn’t open Sundays. Which is good for him since he can hang with his mum. So I’m sorry Aya it’s late notice and it’s the only time I have free to hang out with you. Plus I’m finally able to meet Kody and see Olivia or my Olive again. I’m super excited… but not excited enough to shout that you’re my best-friend. We’re no where to even being close to that. LOL But I am excited to see you tomorrow evening after my classes. Until then. Enjoy your moment with C-Cat cause tomorrow you are mine!!!! *Evil Laughs* Not really.

You Don’t Know What You Have Done to Me

With a touch, so soft, that brings chills down my spine, and fill my heart with heat. My heart race every time you smile at me. You see through my soul and read my mind. The thought of you having me wrapped around your fingers, brings you joy. Knowing how much I love you, you play with me like a toy. Your personal play thing, but I’ll have my revenge, as much as you love to play with me. I love playing with you more.

Bit by the Drama Bug this Summer 2014

This summer there had been a few dramas that has been coming out. So far each day it’s a new drama that I really like.

On Mondays and Tuesdays “Trot Lovers” which is staring Jung Eun-Ji who was in “Reply 1997” with the handsome Seo In-Guk. Also Shin Sung-Rok plays the second male lead. He played the evil twisted brother in “My Love From Another Star”. He’s kinda cute, when he’s not playing the demented character.


Trot Lovers/Lovers of Trot Music

Wednesdays and Thursdays it’s the Korean version of “Fated to Love You”. Which stars Jang Na-Ra who was in “Baby Face Beauty” and “School 2013”. She’s really adorable.  Then playing the second male lead is my handsome Choi Jin-Hyuk (Ahhhh Faint). He’s so manly.


Fated To Love You (Korean Version)

Fridays on consist of a Taiwanese drama I really like cause Kou Puff is staring in it and I really like her as a person and as an actress. It’s called “Love Myself or You” but also known as “Pleasantly Surprised”


Love Myself or You

Another new drama stars 2 members from Infinite. Nam Woo-Hyun and Lee Sung-Yeol. The drama just started so lets see if I might be addicted to it like the other dramas.


High School – Love On

Those 2 dramas only release one episode per-week. So it’s a pain in the butt when I have to wait a whole week to find out what happens.

“Marriage, Not Dating” also known as “Forget Dating, Give Me the Ring” airs on Fridays and Saturdays. In this drama it’s a cast that I don’t really know besides the actress Yoon So-Hee who was also in “Lets Eat” another drama I really like that I was finally able to finish.


Marriage, Not Dating

I hate having to wait for the new episode to come out. Then again it does keep me on my toes.


Our 4 Year Anniversary…

Just like any other day it seems. I just feel like there’s no effort to even try to make it romantic. I am in love with a romantic-less man. Just like most men. For once I would love it if he would do something that’s not like him. For instance, plan a date night filled with surprises, actually pick out my engagement ring? *sigh* it’s just hopeless.

So our anniversary falls on a Wednesday this year and I am currently taking Math 130 at LBCC it’s my only class on Mondays and Wednesdays. I was so excited when I woke up. All I wanted to do was go to a new place that we haven’t been there before, but of course when I got home all he wanted to do was go to King’s Fish house… I was a little TICKED! So I ordered the most expensive half bottle of Chardonnay that they had there and it was of course the Sanoma Cutter for about $25. It’s our anniversary and he couldn’t make an effort to put anything in it. I didn’t want any gifts or anything. I just wanted him to make it more romantic but that’s never going to happen. Never on Valentine’s Day, never on my birthday, and most definitely never on our ANNIVERSARY!!!!

What am I to do?

Bye Summer Vacation, Hello Textbooks and Class Rooms

So tomorrow I start school. I should get ready at go to bed since I got to get up at 7AM. Today was the first time I got to see my son since he got back from summer vacation in Wisconsin with his grandparents. He’s going back September 15 for Adam’s wedding. (It’s Brandon’s cousin) It’s already 9:30PM so it’s time to say goodnight so I can get to bed and get up for school. 

Events of the Week Before School Starts

Monday, August 19, 2013

I had to go shopping for food cause not only did I promised my co-worker and friend that I was going to bring short ribs to her Birthday Bonfire, but also that, “he” was always complaining how I never go food shopping…. Um… newsflash I would 2 days a week I don’t make that much money. Whatever money I make goes to bills and gas. Some times he doesn’t think. Sure I would love to have a career already but I wasn’t thinking so now I am. Any ways, My sis Lulu was going to pick me up since he had the car, and I wasn’t planning on taking his bemmer to the OC. Driver door with a broken latch, an 8-cylindler engine which eats gas like there’s no tomorrow. No thank you, I would rather just have my sister pick me up and give her gas money since her car doesn’t eat all that much gas. So we went shopping for about a good 2-3hours. Went to 3 different Asian market in Westminster and Garden Grove area. Just to look for the cheapest short ribs. (Man can they be expensive.) So I spent all my earnings I made from tips and also from Sunday brunch 2 weeks before. That was a little over 200. And that was supposed to go too bills. Now I have to bucket down and save every penny for bills. Like literally speaking. I have been saving coins so I can roll them up and take them to the bank. I ain’t ashamed, money I money, especially in this day and age. Now I know what my mother meant when she tells me to save. I wish I was more like that. But back to the food shopping. So I got short ribs, chicken wings, and cut pieces of catfish, along with other things. Then went to Cost-co to get his muscle milk, the microwavable philly cheese stake sandwich that he loves from there, and so do I. A 24-pack of bottled Heineken (one of his favorite brands), 32 cans of DP, 4 2-litters bottles of Coke, and there was among other things but I couldn’t remember. But as long as he was happy I didn’t care, just to keep him off my back. I was about to make dinner after have put the grocery away and cleaning up a bit, he came home and announced that, “Birdie” (that story about that nick name later) had taken him out to eat and that he had a massively huge burritos. *sigh* I cooked any ways I was freaking hungry after hunting down for the cheapest price on freaking short ribs. Not to mention Queer-doe was already starting to hit that 24-pack that I had gotten him. I told him now to drink it all. But since he was angry about some issues that has to deal with his company I just give up. I really didn’t want him to drink just to drink. I just wanted him to relax now start a instagram war. *sigh*

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Today was Anna’s 22nd birthday. (My co-worker and friend) I Couldn’t believe that she was turning 22? She has such an old soul to her, it’s freaking crazy. But since she didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money on her birthday and neither did we. She decided to have a birthday bonfire. Okay fine whatever. So I had spoken to my friend Ann and asked her what time will she think she would be ready? She had to go get ingredients for a cake she wanted to bake for Anna. When she called I told her that I need to make some rice, cause I couldn’t eat my ribs without my rice. (So Asian, I know) I also had to pick up smokes and more beer for babe since he drank all the 24 bottles of beers in 2 days. He had started to drink a little after 11AM today and I was not happy about it. But what can you do. I wasn’t about to start a fight over it. Any ways I went and got can beers any ways and when I got them back home of course he need to pop open 2 cans before we head out. So we got to the bonfire at a little before 6 and man was it windy. I was so glad that I did not dress up or anything I just went looking bummy and did not care cause I knew that I was going to look messed up any ways. When we arrived Laura was already there along with the birthday girl and her family which consist of her mother Peggie, and brother Kelly. So babe was getting friendly with Kelly… you know male bonding or whatever you want to call it. He was mixing 2 different kinds of beer along with 2 different kinds of whiskey. Surprisingly he didn’t throw up and I didn’t really have to take care of him… not until we dropped off Anna at home and I had to pull him away. And he calls me crazy. But all in all I had fun. Happy 22nd birthday Anna, you’re young enjoy it while you can.


Anna’s 22nd Birthday Bonfire and I wanted to be a hot dog grilling warrior with the tongs.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Today, my sisters wanted to hang out together since school starts on Monday. I said sure lets go karaoking. So we got to our karaoke spot Ding Dong Dang for happy hour. Lets face it happy hour is awesome. From 2-7PM and only pay 20 bucks, hell yeah. Compare to regular price at 20/hr. I heard that there’s a karaoke spot that opened up in Lakewood Mall and it’s 22/hr. (What a rip off) I mean I can understand if you’re going in big groups but it’s just the 3 of us. Get real. We didn’t arrive there until about 2:30 ish we had to make a few stops before. We left at about 6:30 and went and got dinner cause Khannia wanted to go eat after singing her heart out. So we went to Kicking Crab in Westminster. And it was good, but the service was horrible. The crawfish was delicious, I mean it was spicy so I liked it. I really didn’t do the ordering since Khannia use to go there all the time so I had her ordered the food. I like there fires there. Took what was left over home. I got home around 8ish and the first that babe said to me was “Hi, baby. I got kicked off of instagram.” With a laugh on his face. I was like WTF? What did you do? OMG who gets themselves kicked off of instagram? Only my man would. Crazy ass, I swear. But he didn’t drink at all today, which is a good thing. He later ate the food I made for him earlier that day before I had left. Which was short ribs and rice and the left over pho that he brought to me earlier when he went to go meet up with one of his buddies. 


Karaoking with my sisters, Lulu and Khannia at our Karaoke spot Ding Dong Dang.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Today is my last day going out and hanging out since school starts Monday. So I started the house work and cleaned the living room, guest bathroom, and kitchen. Then started on laundry. SInce this was the last week before school starts and the last days of summer for me, once school starts I have to bucket down and focus on studies I can’t always be lazy I need to bring my GPA back to a 2.0 or higher. Since it’s just a little shy of a 2.0 GPA. I am seriously not that smart although I wish I was. But any ways when night started to fall. I got ready and went to pick Jack Jack up since he doesn’t have a car any more. Came back to my place so I could change since he was down dress and so was I. This was going to be the last time that we attend Harvelle’s since school was starting soon. Jack and I have been there 3 Thursdays in a row. (Harvelle’s is a little joint that next to the Congregation Ale House.) It’s a cabaret/burlesque show. I love it. I don’t have to drive all the way to LA for something like that. It’s amazing. I wish I would have found out about that place earlier. My co-worker Lorin (who is Ann’s friend), actually was the one that told me about that place about a month ago. I was a week after I had gotten back from San Francisco. (I’ll post about my family trip there later.) Even though it was the last time that I was going to be there until December once school lets out. I have met so many wonder amazing people. Like Erica and Laney (2 of the dancers I’ve met there) and the man with the amazing voice Toledo. Who’s show it is. I was surprised that when I saw his at the end of the show that he remembered my name. I was like awww he remembered me. 🙂 I have also met Mark who was an older gentleman and he was a bouncer there the first 2 times we had gone there. Then I met Ryan who is normally the regular bouncer there on Thursday nights. I can’t wait to go back and see everyone again.


Taken on August 15, 2013 in front of Harvelle’s with Toledo.

August 23, 2013

I’m finishing this post since I have work in a few hours. Can’t wait to post more. See you later.

Visith “Viviane” Dip

Today would have been my dead aunt’s 32nd birthday. I woke up around 8:30AM got up and got ready. My sister was going to pick me up since the Audi was lent to Queer-doe’s older brother. I don’t mind it, I mean I don’t really need the car for anything. We got flowers for her grave. My grandmother and I, I also got her a little star shape balloon that said, “Happy Birthday”. I wish she was still alive today. I think my life wouldn’t be the way it is now. She would be the one I would tell everything too. All my hopes and dreams, all my fears and sorrows. Someone I could tell everything and wouldn’t judge me. Someone to help get me through this life. Who will support me and not kick me down. Someone who would love me unconditional. Just like how I’m supposed to be loved. I miss her everyday.